Welcome to Computing Strategies!

Since year 2000, we are proud to be serving Tyler, Longview, Marshall, Gilmer, Jacksonville and the surrounding East Texas community! Using actual hands-on,
real-world expert IT consulting and recovery experience coupled with good ol' fashioned honesty and integrity, we have been successfully providing Real Solutions for Real Problems.

We listen carefully to your concerns, take time to understand your project, and implement rock-solid solutions to your IT challenges. Your complete satisfaction is a priority, but developing a trusting and long-lasting relationship is our first intention which is why our relationships with clients has lasted for years!

We are more than just "IT" -- we are consultants. Sure, we can handle nearly any type of necessary support, but we exceed our competitors by providing IT Consulting for new and current projects.

From small to home businesses, and yes, even home users, we are to provide value-added perspectives and solutions for all your IT needs.

Great Moves for IT Success:

  • Failed harddrive and lost data recovery at our secure, local lab!
  • DataShield101 – Proactive, automated, 448-bit encrypted, offsite data backup protection!
  • Advanced IT consulting – Professional planning, implementation and disaster recovery consulting for IT challenges!
  • Disaster Recovery Planning - We can help document and provide options for recovery of your desktops or servers in the event of failure.
  • IT Audit - We can easily miss important elements of protecting our environment when we work on it all the time. Let us assist in providing a fresh look at your environment to ensure it is safe.
  • Data Cabling - We also can install network cabling during pre-construction or post-construction and then perform a Fluke diagnostic verification on all wiring to ensure it is 100% functional.
  • Desktop Support - For home or business, we love to solve those pesky typical IT desktop support issues.
  • Service Level Agreements - We are available on an hourly basis or for significant savings, we can provide affordable monthly agreements to handle any and all IT related scenarios for your home business or small business or larger.
  • Value Added Services: The reason our clients have been with us for so long is because we are not just an IT services company. We are small, agile, quick to respond and always looking for ways to exceed and surpass capabilities of others. We find ways to serve in ways others rarely even consider. We take the time to take care of so many little details, that others leave behind. We truly believe in providing Real Solutions for Real Problems.

Remote Support

OPTION 1 - Remote support with 6 digit code to provide to us to remote to your system:

Click to download...

Save the file, then launch the file, send us the 6 digit code, click YES to approve the remote session.

OPTION 2 - Remote support UNATTENDED option

Click to download unattended version....

Save the file, then launch the file.




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